3D opens up more possibilities

3D can be used in multiple ways. Here are just a few.


Using 3D as a base for a 2D project. Here we show how a 3D model can be a substitute for photography. Go
Here you can see some examples of 3d rendered images.


3D and AR. Here we show a pure 3D configurator and talk about taking your products and placing them in the customers home. Go
Just want to see the 3D configurator? Skip to this page.

3D a substitute for photography

We can create a 3D set in which you can add all of your products. Add a new product in a years time, no problem. No need to re-build your set.

In the image below we have created a 3D room scene. The scene will be used to add different curtain designs.

3D room scene

Now we can place each curtain into the scene. This is great not just for consistency but if the client needs to add another curtain in the future this will be relatively easy to do and the end result will look the same as the original curtains.

Tab Top

3D tab top curtain

Rod Pocket

3D rod pocket curtain

Other curtains

3D goblet curtain
3D grommet curtain
3D pinch pleats curtain
3D tailored pleats curtain
3D box pleats curtain


These curtains come in an array of fabrics.

Ready to Drape

We now have some options. We can drape the 3D product or we can take the 2D image and prepare it for realtime draping. In this example, these curtains are available in a large number of fabrics and new fabrics will be added periodically. In this situation we opt for realtime draping (realtime rendering). This makes updating easy, a very important feature that a lot of companies overlook. If we have 10 new fabrics we place them into repeat and upload them to the server. They are then instantly available for draping on any product.

3D Tab Top draped curtain

Curtain Tab Top draped in an array of fabrics


Having your base images in 3D gives you some options. If in the future you want to swap out/in some props you can do this relatively easily.

3D room options

Create different angles or a simple close up shot

3D close up curtain
3D close up curtain
3D close up curtain
3D close up curtain
3D close up curtain

3D and AR

AR (Augmented Reality)

We are currently looking at incorporating AR into our 3D configurator. This will allow the customer to see the product in their own home, using (for example) their smart phone.

3D configurator

Place your product in a configurator and view your configured product from any angle.

View our 3D configurator here

3D configurator

Some points to bear in mind

There are some downsides to using 3D. Some old or basic devices don't display 3D models very well (slow, jittery..) and some can't even load them. It can take slightly longer to download a 3D model than a 2D image (this obviously depends on the 2D and 3D model).

However newer devices have no problem showing 3D content. Working with 3D opens up a lot more options and allows the customer (in some circumstances) to view and inspect the product even better than in a show room.

While 3D is only going to get better and the future is very exciting, 2D images can and do look amazing. And lets not forget that they load fast and work on all devices.

I suppose in a perfect world you would take advantage of both options. Or get in touch and we will be happy to talk to you about the best option for your product.