Create an Endless Repeat

Placing a fabric into an endless repeat. In this case we have a fabric, but it could be anything, a tile, wood.... I have summarized the process below:

The fabric

To start with the client will either send us a digital scan or photo of a fabric. Or they will send us the fabric so that we can capture it. We need a full repeat of the fabric pattern showing.

Why are we doing this?

As you can see if we do nothing to the fabric, when we repeat it the edges will not line up.

And the result would not be correct.

Lining up the edges

We manipulate the fabric image so that the edges, when tiled, line up to create an endless repeat.

And the result when draped is correct.

Flat fabrics

Even flat fabrics can cause problems. Take this sample below, it looks like you would be able to repeat it without any join marks showing.

The slightest difference between one edge and the other when repeated will really stand out.

And the result would not be correct.

Centering the fabric

If the fabric has a pattern that needs to be correctly positioned we need to make sure that the center of the pattern is in the middle of the image. This is done when we place the fabric into an endless repeat.

When we come to drape this fabric onto our product the fabric will be aligned correctly. In the image below the center of the fabric runs along the middle of the buttons.

If we did not do this the fabric would not be centered along the middle of the buttons.