2D Draping

Digital draping is also referred to as "texture mapping" or "rendering". Digital draping is a method for adding a detailed surface texture or pattern to an object. Supply an image of one of your products and then have that image draped with any finish you require. This can be done with soft and hard furnishings, from sofas to flooring to hardware. A professional and cost-efficient way to market your products. No longer do you have to go through the expensive and time-consuming process of making and photographing a product.

The Process

1. The first thing that we need is the product to be draped. This can be literally anything - a sofa, shirt, dress.... For this example we have chosen a sofa. The important thing to remember is that when the product is draped the highlights and shadows show through (see the final draped sofa below in point 4). This means that if there is a texture on the product that you do not wish to see then the texture has to be removed (we can do this).


2. We then place a digital mesh over the sofa. This mesh needs to follow the form of the sofa so the fabric that we drape onto the product looks correct. See the final draped sofa below.


3. The item to be used to drape the product could be anything. In this example we have used a fabric. The fabric to be draped onto the sofa needs to be either big enough to cover the whole product, a colour, or If this is not the case then we need to place the fabric into repeat (we can do this too). This fabric (see below) has been placed into repeat.

digitally draped sofa

4. We can now drape the sofa with any fabric.

digitally draped sofa digitally draped sofa digitally draped sofa sofa digitally draped sofa digitally draped sofa digitally draped sofa digitally draped sofa digitally draped sofa